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 Some Other MMORPG Games

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PostSubject: Some Other MMORPG Games   Tue Dec 02, 2008 10:36 am

Hi also playing some other games if wants to check just click below links to get register with it.

Arrow Prison Struggle based on the real inmate life.

You've just been sent down for the second time, and its time to start the struggle of making a name for yourself by dominating the cells on the inside, but still keeping it locked down on the outside world.

You have the ability to murder, mug, join inside gangs, create your own inside gang or just stay as a lone serial killer taking out anyone that comes in your way to the top. You thought it was bad last time?

Link to Register.

Arrow Sigmastorm II is a highly addictive massively mutliplayer game brought to you by Hunted Cow Studios Ltd.. Set in a dark and industrious futuristic setting, players are pitted against all manner of Entities, from Heavily mechanised Cyborgs through to Mutated Monstrosities and Alien races such as the Shard.

Choose one of four unique classes (Purist, Soldier, Mutant and Cyborg), and gain key skills to help you defeat the dangers that lurk within this post-apocalyptic world.

• Craft and construct weapons and equipment to help you defeat a huge range of deadly entities.

• Need help? Chat with other players in your same area using the live local communications feature or go to the game forums and seek the answer to your questions.

• Travel through countless areas featuring irradiated deserts, abandoned facilities and ruined cities.

• Immerse yourself in the dozens of missions, gain rewards including powerful unique items to help you in your travels.

Link to Register.
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Indian Knight Corporal
Indian Knight Corporal

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PostSubject: Re: Some Other MMORPG Games   Fri Jun 17, 2011 10:55 pm

i have an account in sigmastorm II......but i didn't like the i stopped playing that game
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Some Other MMORPG Games
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